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 The rules of this forum

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The rules of this forum Admin-1
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PostSubject: The rules of this forum   The rules of this forum EmptyMon May 30, 2011 11:31 pm

Behavior: Be good

Reality: try and keep a grasp on it

Spam: isnt tolerated

Links: ask before posting them

Profile links: Put them in your signature

Posts: Not short

God modding: Is never good.

Respawning its repeatitive.

character limit only a few.

!!!!!PUNISHMENTS!!!!! The Admin will give punishments.

Behavior: This is pretty simple really, this place isn't a no swearing area but its not an area where you can go through every open thread and have an arguement. So just say thanks and don't bitch and moan and you should be sweet.
Reality: This might seem a bit odd but its still nessacery. Make it realistic, no people who can open portals to other worlds, thats simply not possible. So for instance, space travel a no no, plane travel, sure.
Spam: Not alot is really needed to be said on this, its untidy looks horrible and makes most people hate you.
Links: Got a link for your site, want to post it on ours to attract attention? Ask first, I will usually say yes but please please ask. Youtube videos, and pictures are fine.
Profile links: Once your account has been accepted put the link for it in your signature, this makes it easier to find if who ever your rping with wants to know something about your character.
Posts: Posts are now expected to become a minimum of 4 lines. This of course is not all ways the case, there might be areas where you simply just do not have anything more to write, in these cases you will generally be let of.
God modding: This is basically deciding what happens to a character that you don't control, like if a bullet hits or where they go. Also if you make a fight where your using a fake character you should let the real character win. ask before doing this! The limit for characters done liek this at once is 2. So no shade hordes or anything.
Respawning: To keep things fresh theirs a limit on the amount of times you can bring back the character once it has died, this limit is now three.
character limit There is a limit of 2 characters per person unless the Admin gives you special permission, in which case its 4. characters in relationships must be different members just to keep things fresh.
!!!!!PUNISHMENTS!!!!! The admin will give out punishments he feel are justified ranging from but not limited too: Pm disablement, account banning, and area concealments.

(The Rules are an editted version of the one from www.maximumriderpg.my-goo.com (C) )
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The rules of this forum
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