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 Lilith the water shade

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PostSubject: Lilith the water shade   Lilith the water shade EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 7:27 pm

Name: Lilith Steel
Nickname(s): Lilly, Lil,
Appeared Age:18
Gender: Female
Orientation: undecided
Occupation: Her job is what ever people hire her to do. she has is able to do most jobs because of her experience.

Hair Color: Snow white
Hair Style:Wavy hair down to the middle of her back
Eye Color: Silver
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120lb
Build: Slight build and thin.
Scar(s): A small scar on her neck that continues to her shoulder
Birthmark(s): a tear drop on her thigh
Tattoo(s): N/A
Clothing: Night- When she is out at night she wears a long slim black dress that goes to her knees. The front and back are both cut low. On the right side of the dress there is a slit up the leg for easy movement. along with heels.
Day- During light hours she wears ether tight jeans or short shorts. On the odd day she will wear a skirt. Her favorable outfit for the day is a low cut blue button up shirt that has cross cross ties in the back going half way down the back instead of fabric.
General Appearance:Her hair is worn mostly down but sometimes she will put it up in a Brade. She wears no nail polish and not a lot of make up because her eyes are dark enough and her lips are already bright red. Her blades are in holsters on her back and her legs. her chain silver whip is worn around her waist acting as a belt until she can use it. She has a skilled expression that only shows what she wants you to think.

-people in charge

-being underground
-the unknown

- weapon making
- median
- marshal arts

- week stomach
- fast to judge
- sarcastic

General Personality: She is a great Person to have around but not someone you would want to meet in a dark ally. her emotions never show unless she wants them to. She always hopes that one day her shadow will stop trying to take her over but until then she thinks of it more like a pet (named Sophie). she has a high fascination with water and the animal life in it. Her view towards money is vary little and she believes you can get anywhere if you now the right people. She has faith is the after life but is not sure what to expect. Her mind is always focused on what she will do next or the next path to take. Once she finds a ally she keeps them. Her connections are worth more then anything to her.

-A small leather change purse that is tucked under her shirt
- a gold ring with waves carves into it. Placed on her right hand middle finger.
- a chain around her neck with a angel hanging off of it. the angel is holding a sapphire stone in its hands
- a picture of her mother, father, sister and brother in a locket

- silver chain whip
- two or three daggers
- one small sword on her back under her shirt
-one throwing knife
-one bag of sand
- some fishing line wrapped around her arm to resemble a bracelet

Father: Mason
Mother: Joy
Sibling(s): Andrea (little sister), Jase (older brother)
Pet(s): Her shade and a raven (named abyss)

Shade form abilities: Water shade Elemental Tree
- This is blue with red eyes and allows the person to take any forum. The creature that the person changes into will not be solid. The shade is also let the person turn into water and travel through any liquid. The shade will also let the person breath underwater and control it.

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:
-Her brother was taken over by his fire shade
-Her mother and father took her little sister to a secret base leaving her behind in fear that she wold lose control too.
-she goes into a trance when fighting that shuts her mind off and lets her body run on instinct

History: Lilith was 2 when she first got her shade. Her brother was much older and had his first. They were both thrilled, but there parents were skeptical. She loved her little shade even thought it had always looked like it wanted to kill her. a year had gone by before she really noticed any real changes in her brother. His eyes seemed to shine brighter and his temper had increased. Nights had gone by where she heard she could hear him screaming. Then one day when her parents were enjoying a picnic her little sister came back to the house crying. Lilith just thought that Jase had scarred her like he did. Her thoughts changed when she saw the burn marks lining Andrea's back. Jase had not come home he seemed to have enough control left that he knew it was too late. Her parents packed the house up. When they took her sister Lilith tried to go with her parents told her that it would be better if she did not follow. Heart broken Lilith went from town to town surviving and learning buy how ever she could. People would hire her for whatever they did not want to do and payed her vary little. By the time she turned 17 she had learned many different things and had made enough allies to put herself though life. Her shade has attacked her twice but Lilith has fought for the control her brother never had.

which element are you? Water

RP Sample: A storm had set over the park where Lilith had set up camp for the night. She had thought that she did not need a shelter on a summers night. The rain was sprinkling down from the darkening sky onto Lilith's face. Her shade was above her curled on a bench under an oak tree. His blue eyes staring at her almost waiting for her to fall asleep. Lilith sighed and tuned over feeling the cool droplets roll down her skin. Her mind had gone into play back mode seeing her day in a picture before her eyes. Lilith had met a local fisher down by the docks and had been hired to gut and smoke the fish. It was vary hot work but the fishermen did not seem to mind her sweat. Lilith shivered at the thought and gagged. Using her elbows she propped herself up looking out at the Cristal clear water reflecting the beauty of the horizon.


How Did You Find Us?: Beta off Bio-shock forum

What Do We Call You?: Stephenie

How Long Have You Been RPing?: 2 years

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PostSubject: Re: Lilith the water shade   Lilith the water shade EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 8:32 pm

-First, there are NO collages. when the world ends no one wants to do that.

- Two if she is 17 then she would have had to have been about 2 when she got it.

it was 15 years previously that the shadelings were made.
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Lilith the water shade
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