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PostSubject: Rail    Rail                EmptyThu Jun 02, 2011 1:28 pm

Name: Joseph
Nickname(s): Rail
Age: 16
Appeared Age: a fair bit older
Gender: male
Orientation: straight
Occupation: Theif

Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Dreads
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 59 kgs
Build: lean
Scar(s): A rather large one running down the back of his arm.
Birthmark(s): None
Tattoo(s): A gang circle on his shoulder.
Piercing(s): None
Clothing: Leather jacket, red tee shirt, dark grey pants, pocket covered belt, leather boots, leather fingerless gloves and occasionly a gas mask.
General Appearance: Rail looks like the kind of person you would expect to go into your house and flog everything they can find. And they would probably be right, it doesn't help that all his cloths he wears for use and is often wearing a gas mask. He's got sharp eyes, giving him not the friendliest of looks, what would you expect though? He has a gang circle on his shoulder which shows a picture of a shade sitting on top of the world.



Being caught
Small fisty people

Burning to death
Being completly controled by his shade.

Strong willed


Strong willed

General Personality: Rails rather mean at first but so are most of the people living in this demented world. He does however have a softer trusting side which he will almost never show. His life has turned him this way to the point where he almost refuses to accept new things. He does however take great pride in his work claiming that their isn't a safe he can't get into, unless its one of those weird ones that doesn't take a key and just has a pad, then a little shade usage needs to be put in place.


A large ammount of picks.
Gas mask.
Rope and grapling hook.

A rather bulky laser rifle which usually hangs on his back.

Father: Unkown
Mother: Unkown
Sibling(s): None
Pet(s): None, unless you count the shade.
Friend(s): None
Lover(s): None

Shade form abilities:

Spark plug: Nothing fancy, simply puts in a burst of electricity into what evers needed to kick start it, can even be used to open locks.
Electric control: He can create electricity and fire it out of his body.
Electro magnectic field: He fires a grey ball which explodes shutting down what ever it hits, only works on machines.

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

Grew up in a childrens home
Found his shade
Joined a gang
Left the gang, sorta.

History: Rail was taken to a childrens home when he was a baby, or more left on the door step. His parents ether couldn't look after him or just didn't care. Like most charity organisations at the time they had large ammounts of money due to the booming ecconomy thanks to the shades. And after it all went wrong the children where brounght up with certin skills, fighting, stealing and building. Because of this the childrens home was almost well defended against the out side world, unless your a theif. Rail was eight and stealing some canned food when the shade first got him, he was estatic with power and managed to blow the door on one of the weird pad locks, he gathed all the items inside before the shade left. Rail quickly realised that he would have to be smarth about how he used it so he only allowed it in when he really needed it. That was untill it snuck in him well he was sleeping, he woke up with a lightning bolt scarred into his hand, he managed to keep a lid of the manic things the shade would due, thanks to his training with restraint. However the childrens home found out and kicked him out. He wandered around sulking for a while before he was taken in by a gang of other shade users. He quickly found popularity with them and managed to due many succsesful raids, untill he was asked to kill some one. He did but it wasn't what was expected, he cowered out and killed the man from the gang sent with him. He ran and now he's got a gang hunting him down.

which element are you? Electric
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